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"We, the members of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #73, proudly endorse Missy Mosby for the Evansville City Council 2nd Ward. Missy Mosby's unwavering dedication to and collaboration with law enforcement over the years have made her a standout candidate who truly understands our needs and concerns. Missy Mosby has consistently demonstrated her commitment to being a strong advocate for law enforcement in our community. Her proactive engagement and support for our officers have not gone unnoticed. We believe our interests and concerns will be well-represented on the City Council. We have complete trust and confidence in Missy Mosby's ability ...
~Aaron McCormick, President Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #73
"The Evansville Professional Firefighters Local 357 proudly endorses Missy Mosby - 2nd Ward City Council for reelection. Councilwoman Mosby has a long history of working hand in hand with the Local 357. Councilwoman Mosby was an advocate of the Public Safety LOIT, to ensure that first responders had the tools necessary to keep Evansville safe. Vote for Councilwoman Missy Mosby this November."    
~Evansville Professional Firefighters Local 357
"Missy has worked tirelessly for her constituents for the last 16 years. It is imperative that we retain her knowledge and experience on City Council! That’s why I am proud to endorse Missy Mosby for Second Ward City Council"    
~ Annie Groves, Retired Vanderburgh County Coroner
"If you live in the 2nd Ward, you are not just a constituent, you are her neighbor. Missy Mosby works harder than any other elected official I've known to assure that all of her neighbors are safe and heard. Though many office holders have become complacent with longevity, every single year Missy maintains or even furthers her passion to represent and improve her 2nd Ward ."    
~ Kathryn Martin, Knight Township Trustee
"Caze and Fairlawn would like to give a great big shout out to Missy Mosby! As a Community Leader she has been so helpful to our families by facilitating partnerships with community businesses, and neighbors. These partnerships have allowed us to create a family food pantry, a parent lending library, and build relationships with mentors who support our Breakfast Buddies Mentoring program. She is truly a model of what it means to be a Community Leader. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support of our school children and...
~Mindy Niehaus, Caze & Fairlawn School Case Manager
"Missy Mosby is the dedicated elected official we all need. She is focused on her Ward and the community. She truly cares. My endorsement of her is an easy decision ."    
~Steve Lockyear, Vanderburgh County Coroner
"Missy Mosby works hard for her constituents and is a strong advocate for equality. Her door is always open, and she fights to improve our city."    
~Wally Paynter, President Emeritus, Tri-State Alliance, Evansville, IN
"As a 22 year member of the Sheriff's Office, I have always appreciated Missy's unwavering support of local law enforcement. Missy shows up to community meetings, puts in the hours, and listens to her constituents. I am proud to have her has a friend and equally proud to endorse her re-election bid for 2nd Ward City Council Member."    
~Sheriff Noah Robinson, Vanderburgh County Sheriff
" I have been involved in the Eastview Neighborhood Association for many years as Vice President. Missy is a member that attends all of the meetings, answers people's concerns about any problems they may have and acts on it immediately. Missy has always remedied any problem that I have brought to her attention. My wish is for all Neighborhood Associations to have a member like Missy Mosby in their group!"  
~Charlie Cole, Eastview Neighborhood Association Vice President
"Missy Mosby is an active participant in her ward's neighborhood associations - connecting and listening to her constituents. She is focused on improving our city parks and promotes and supports businesses in the Second Ward."  
~Cheryl Schultz, Vanderburgh County Democratic Party Chair

Paid for by the Committee to Re-Elect Missy Mosby
Krista Lockyear, Treasurer

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