“We, the members of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #73, proudly endorse Missy Mosby for the Evansville City Council 2nd Ward. Missy Mosby’s unwavering dedication to and collaboration with law enforcement over the years have made her a standout candidate who truly understands our needs and concerns.

Missy Mosby has consistently demonstrated her commitment to being a strong advocate for law enforcement in our community. Her proactive engagement and support for our officers have not gone unnoticed. We believe our interests and concerns will be well-represented on the City Council.

We have complete trust and confidence in Missy Mosby’s ability to continue to support law enforcement and to serve the 2nd Ward effectively. Her track record of working closely with the F.O.P. gives us assurance that she will be a steadfast ally in promoting safety, justice, and well-being for our community.

We encourage all residents of the 2nd Ward to join us in supporting Missy Mosby in the upcoming election on November 7th. Together, we can ensure that our community remains safe and that law enforcement receives the vital support it needs to thrive”